Mitchell Sandham Provides Safety Tips in Advance of Storm

February 1, 2011

Travel with a vehicle emergency kit in anticipation of extreme weather

Environment Canada has issued a storm watch across areas of Ontario for today and tomorrow. In anticipation of this we are proactively reminding our clients to stay safe while driving and to ensure they have taken proper precautions within their homes as well.

Below is a list of tips that we encourage you to follow ahead of the storm activity:

· Use extreme caution when travelling in your vehicle.

It’s extremely essential to have an emergency travel kit ready in your vehicle at all times, in the event of extreme weather. Kit contents should include:

· Blanket
· Flashlight and batteries
· Fully-charged cell phone
· Extra clothing – includes hats, gloves and boots
· First aid kit
· Map or GPS
· Bottled water
· Ice scraper and/or snow brush
· Flares
· Extra windshield washer fluid
· Battery booster cables
· Bag of sand or salt
· Shovel
· Candy or chocolate bar for energy
· Paper towels
· Matches

An emergency kit should also be kept inside the home as well in the event of power outages and should include:

· Bottled water
· Flashlights/battery powered lantern
· Fully charged cell phone
· Non-perishable food items
· Essential medications
· Essential items for babies or elderly people with special needs

By keeping abreast of weather conditions and having the right items on hand you will be better prepared for severe weather activity.

This is in no means a full list of precautionary items to follow although it will certainly provide a good starting point for you.  For further information please contact our office.

Ryan Mitchell, CAIB, CPIB
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MTO Launches Uninsured Vehicle Project

November 12, 2010

 McGuinty Government Improving Road Safety

Starting November 29, a new system will help keep uninsured drivers off Ontario’s roads by providing on-the-spot confirmation of insurance when drivers go to renew their licence plate.

In Ontario, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have valid insurance coverage. Currently, drivers are required to provide proof of insurance when renewing their vehicle’s licence plates. The new electronic verification system, will allow the province to confirm directly with the Insurance Bureau of Canada if a vehicle has mandatory insurance coverage during the license plate renewal process.

Partnering with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to check for valid insurance in real-time will make sure that drivers have insurance that is valid and up-to-date. It will also help keep Ontario’s roads safe by ensuring there are fewer uninsured vehicles on the road and less risk to other drivers.

For more information visit the Minitry of Transportation Ontario website or the Insurance Bureau of Canada website.

Ryan Mitchell, CAIB, CPIB
Vice President Commercial Lines
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Changes to Auto Insurance Effective Sept. 1st, 2010

July 14, 2010


In an attempt to stabilize auto insurance rates in Ontario, the Ontario Government has introduced changes to the coverage’s within the automobile insurance policy.  As a result of these new laws you now have more choice when it comes to selecting your auto insurance coverages to best meet your individual needs. 

These changes will affect drivers buying a new policy or renewing an existing auto policy beginning September 1, 2010.

As of September 1, 2010, drivers will be able to:

•  Choose the insurance coverage that best meets their protection needs and budget
•  Customize their level of income replacement, medical, rehabilitation,
   attendant care, caregiver, housekeeping, death benefits and home
   maintenance coverage; and
•  Better integrate their auto insurance with private disability insurance
   coverage, or individual or group health insurance coverage.

We encourage clients of Mitchell Sandham Insurance Brokers to speak to their dedicated insurance advisor to review these changes and to select the coverages that meet your specific needs.  Speaking with a licenced insurance broker will help you make an informed decision regarding your auto insurance coverage.

Mitchell Sandham Insurance Brokers has created a checklist resource for our existing and new clients.  This checklist outlines the new limits of coverages that your auto insurance policy will have when it renews after September 1st, 2010.  The checklist also outlines the new options that are available to you.  Please call our office to speak with a dedicated insurance advisor at Mitchell Sandham to discuss these options.  We encourage you to make informed decisions and we are here to help you do just that!

To learn more about the auto insurance reforms, click on one of the links below for further references:

Dominion of Canada Insurance Company

Financial Securities Commission of Ontario

For further information regarding the changes to auto insurance and to speak to an independent broker, please feel free to call me directly.

Ryan Mitchell
Mitchell Sandham Group

CAUTION: The information contained in the Mitchell Sandham website or blog does not constitute a legal opinion or insurance advice and must not be construed as such. It is important to always consult a truly ‘independent’ registered insurance broker and a lawyer who is a member of the Bar or Law Society of the relevant jurisdiction with regard to this material before making any insurance or legal decision. All material is copyrighted by Mitchell Sandham Inc. and may not be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Mitchell Sandham Inc. Anyone seeking to link this site from any external website must seek the consent of Mitchell Sandham Inc. by sending an e-mail to

High Valued Home & Auto Insurance

March 3, 2010

PlatinumPro – Elite Personal Protection

Hot on the heels of being awarded Cornerstone status with Chubb Insurance Company of Canada Mitchell Sandham launches their new brand, PlatinumPro – Elite Personal Protection.  This division is dedicated to servicing our high net worth individuals for their personal insurance needs.  In this division we provide the following services:

–          Dedicated account executive

–          Expert claims service

–          Insurance markets – Chubb, Chartis, Dominion and RSA

–          Personal Service

–          Innovative Coverages

–          Insuring to value

–          Appraisals for your home and assets

–          Communication –email, mail, or in person (your location or ours)

We are a team of specialists providing expert advice in the niche area of personal insurance.  Our service proposition is to provide a first class experience with personal service.  We advise on and can arrange coverage for all types of assets including:

  • Fine homes
  • Automobiles
  • Yachts, speedboats and sea doos
  • Valuable Articles
  • Collections including cars, wine, antiques and art
  • Excess Personal Liability including home invasion and directors and officers liability for those who sit on a not-for profit board of directors
  • Access to private health care

If you are an individual of distinction with high valued assets and your insurance needs have outgrown mass-marketed policies, please contact us today for a review of your personal insurance.


Ryan Mitchell, CAIB, CPIB

Direct: (416) 862-5620